Premier League - Union of Professional Football Clubs of Ukraine

Ukrainian Premier League

Country > Ukraine 
Foundation Year >  Founded in  2008 
EPFL Affilation >  Member League (2009)

Premier Division > League Pari-Match 12 clubs
Super Cup > UDP Supercup of Ukraine

Tel >  +380 44 521 06 99
Fax >  +380 44 521 06 98
E-mail Address >
Official Website >
President > Volodymyr Geninson
Acting Director > Evgeniy Dikiy
Media/Press Office > Andriy Palayev


Volodymyr Geninson

Ukrainian Premier League is proud to join European Professional Football League community. We strive for quality of football experience for professional clubs and their fans. Ukrainian Premier League has both team with longtime football experience and need for new knowledge from fellow Members of the EPFL to become the equal part of great European football.

The Ukrainian football clubs’ owners began to discuss the Premier League foundation in 2007 for the first time. They have agreed that it is time to create highly effective organization which will make Ukrainian football profitable, and will also provide first division clubs with more possibilities to manage football. As the result, the Protocol of foundation of the Union of Professional Football Clubs of Ukraine ‘Premier League’ was signed by the top clubs’ managers on 15 April 2008.

On 27 May 2008 the clubs’ owners finally declared about Premier League launching already in the 2008/09 season, but not in forthcoming, as it had earlier been planned. Vitaliy Danilov was elected as the Acting President of Premier League.On 20 June 2008 Premier League became a member society of Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). On 1 July 2009 Vitaliy Danilov was elected as the President of Premier League. According to the Statute of the League, presidents of the member clubs can not become a president of the Premier League.

Premier League organizes and conducts Championship of Premier League, a Competition of youth teams, Ukrainian Super Cup and also conducts Ukrainian Cup starting from the Round of 32 and up the Semi-finals stage.

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