Union de Club Proffessional de football

Union des Clubs Professionnels de Football

Country > France 
Foundation Year >  Founded in  1990  
EPFL Affilation >  Associate Member (2008)

Member Clubs > From the Premier Division: 20 Clubs
From the First Division: 20 Clubs
From the Second Division: 3 Clubs

Tel >
  +33 1 55 73 32 32
Fax >  +33 1 55 73 32 33
E-mail Address >  contact@ucpf.fr
Official Website >  www.ucpf.fr

President>  Guy Cotret
General Director >  Philippe Diallo
Media/Press Office >  Marie-Laure Houari

President Message

Guy Cotret

“World of professionnal football must defend the general and specific interests of football club. We should do  everything in our power to find solutions to the social, economy, juridcal questions in the interests of the Clubs. “To  get the best results,  solididarity should be the bottom line”


The Union des Clubs Professionnels de Football – the Union of Professional Football Clubs (UCPF) was created on 28 February, 1990 at Rueil Malmaison as an association under the law 1901. The original offices were found at 24 boulevard de Courcelles (Paris 17th). In April, the Union was registered at the Paris Mayor’s office as a professional syndicate. Its creation was the outcome of much reflection upon the structure of football and the contractualisation of business relationships within the sport. As opposed to its European homologues, the French League brings together in its Administrative Council all those involved in football with an equal say in its Executive. If that has certainly facilitated dialogue and helped find common solutions, it became indispensable, to avoid all ambiguity, that a separate organ be created to defend the interests of specific clubs.

Creating the UCPF was also a way exhibiting its desire to enforce social dialogue. Since 1973 and the creation of the Professional Football Charter, which defines the relationship between the clubs, the players and the coaches, the French Football Federation and the League were the signatories. Yet, nowhere was there a voice for the employers, the players or the coaches. Therefore, it was essential for the judicial value of the Charter, that it be signed by a veritable employers’ organisation. Under the presidency of André Laurent, President of AS Saint-Etienne, the UCPF set about trying to bring football into modernity.The first issues treated were the revision of the Charter, the monitoring of the clubs’ management, European harmonisation and the training indemnity.

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