Swiss Football League

Swiss Football League

Country > Switzerland 
Foundation Year >  Founded in 1933 
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 Member League (2005)

Premier Division > Raiffeisen Super League 10 clubs
First Division > Challenge League                10 clubs

Tel >  +41 31 950 83 00
Fax >  +41 31 950 83 83 
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President >  Heinrich Schifferle
Chief  Executive Officer >  Claudius Schäfer
Senior Manager >   Edmond Isoz 
Head of Media & Marketing > Roger Müller
Head of Safety & Security > Christian Schöttli
Media/Press Office > Philippe Guggisberg

Heinrich Schifferle

Heinrich Schifferle

The Swiss Football League (SFL) (founded in summer 1933 as «National-Liga des Schweizerischen Fussballverbandes SFV») is an independent entity from the Swiss Football Association. It is the organizing body for professional football in Switzerland and consists of two divisions: the Super League and the Challenge League. Since  the beginning of the season 2003/04, ten teams compete against each other in the Super League, named after the title sponsor and Switzerland's leading retail bank, Raiffeisen. Each club plays against all the other clubs four times. At the end of the season, after all 36 rounds have been played, the last ranked team of the Super League is automatically relegated to the Challenge League and is being replaced by the best ranked team of the Challenge League.

As from the current season 2012/13 onwards, the 2nd division is reduced from 16 to 10 clubs which compete against each other in the same format as in the Super League . The best ranked team of the Challenge League is promoted to the Super League and the last ranked team is relegated to the 3rd division (the newly created “1. Liga Promotion”) and is no longer a member of the SFL.

The average attendance in Super League games has raised significantly in the last few years up to more than 12’250 spectators per game during the past season of 2011/12. Particularly the reduction of the number of teams in the Super League has had a positive impact in the sense that at the end of the season, a close run for the championship title and for the relegation is almost guaranteed.
With the prospect of hosting the UEFA Euro 2008, investments were made into the building of new stadiums in Switzerland. In Basel (2001), Geneva (2003) and Berne (2005), the building of stadiums was almost entirely privately funded. In Zurich (2007), public funding was received for the construction of the new stadium. FC St. Gallen built a new stadium in summer 2008 and FC Luzern and FC Thun opened their new arenas in summer 2011. In other cities, the planning has begun for replacing or completely refurbishing the existing stadiums.


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