Scottish Premier League

Scottish Professional Football League

Country > Scotland 
Foundation Year >  Founded in 2013
EPFL Affilation >
  Member League (founding member in 2005 - EUPPFL founding member in 1997)

Premier Division > Scottish Premiership 12 clubs
First Division > Scottish Championship 10 clubs
Second Division > Scottish League One 10 clubs
Third Division > Scottish League Two 10 clubs
League Cup > Scottish League Cup
Challenge Cup > Petrofac Training Cup

Tel >  +44 141 620 4140
Fax >  +44 141 620 4141
E-mail Address >

Official Website > 

Non-Executive Chairman  > Ralph Topping
Chief Executive > Neil Doncaster 
Media/Press Officer >  Ross McDonald


Ralph Topping

 Ralph Topping


The Scottish Professional Football League was formed on June 27, 2013 when The Scottish Football League and The Scottish Premier League merged to create a single body to govern the 42 league clubs in Scotland. 

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