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Liga Portugal

Country >  Portugal
Foundation Year >  Founded in 1978   
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  Member League (founding member in 2005 - EUPPFL founding member in 1997)

Premier Division > Liga NOS 18 clubs
First Division > Segunda Liga 24 clubs
League Cup > Taça da Liga

Tel > +351 22 834 87 40
Fax > +351 834 87 56
E-mail Address >
Official Website > 

President > Luís José Vieira Duque
Executive Members >  Luís CostaJoão Martins


Luís José Vieira Duque

Luís José Vieira Duque


Portuguese League for Professional Football (LPFP - Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional) is the main organizing entity for professional football (soccer) in Portugal, headquartered in the city of Porto, in northern Portugal. LPFP organizes the two major professional football championships of Portugal: The Liga NOS and the Segunda Liga, which are respectively, the first and the second top layers in the Portuguese football league system pyramid, and also the Taça da Liga (LeagueCup).

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