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Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional

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Foundation Year >  Founded in 1983
EPFL Affilation >  Member League (founding member in 2005 - EUPPFL founding member in 1997)

Premier Division > LaLiga Santander 20 clubs
First Division > LaLiga2 1|2|3 22 clubs

Tel > +34 91 2055000
Fax > +34 91 4080828
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President >
  Javier Tebas Medrano
General Secretary >  Carlos del Campo Colás
Chief Executive Officer >  Javier Gómez Molina 
Media/Press Office >
  Eva Turegano


Javir Tebas Medrano

Javier Tebas Medrano


With a dedication to organize the most professional sport of the country the LFP has become next to the Spanish Football Association the most important national football entity. The main objectives of the LFP are the qualitative consultation of its member clubs, the development and maintenance of the competitive event, such as stadium development and security measures, the maintenance of international relations with football governing bodies and the representation of Spanish Professional football in such bodies like EPFL, UEFA and FIFA, and the good relation with the Spanish governmental authorities. 

From a commercial point of view the LFP constitutes a very consultative role for the member clubs, for example it is has a consultative role in many negotiations such as TV contracts. Last but not least with its distribution system of the LFP´s business income it guarantees that Spanish professional football remains one of the most followed and attractive football competitions in the world.

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