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Country >  Italy
Foundation Year >    Founded in 2010
EPFL Affilation >        Associate Member (2011)

First Division > Serie B ConTe.it 22 Clubs

Tel >
+39 02 699101
Fax > +39 02 69001460
E-mail Address > direzioneserieb@lega-calcio.it
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President > Andrea Abodi
General Manager >  Paolo Bedin
Media/Press Officer >  Alberto Monguidi


Andrea Abodi

Andrea Abodi


In 2009 the Clubs participating to the Serie A and Serie B Championships agreed, in total harmony, to create two separate leagues, legally independent and responsible for their respective championship. On July 1st 2010, through the official appointment of the Italian Football Association such separation became effective. Although the relationship between the two Leagues remains strong and solid, while we will continue sharing the same offices in Milan and be bound by a revenue share arrangement. 

The goal of the independent league of Second Division is to elaborate tailor made projects, achieve targeted goals, implement policies rapidly and efficiently such as the improvement of the championship’s image and brand awareness, the exploitation of broadcasting rights , the creation and centralized sale of new sponsorship formats , the  introduction of social responsibility upon clubs through the implementation of an Ethic Code, the achievement of an international standing through the admission to EPFL, while being aware of its peculiarities: homogeneity among clubs, strong ties with local fans, development of home-grown talents.

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