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Country >  Italy
Foundation Year >  Founded in  1959  
EPFL Affilation >
  Associate Member (2008)

Second Division > Campionato Lega Pro 60 clubs
League Cup > Coppa Italia Lega Pro
Super Cup > Supercoppa Lega Pro

Tel >  +39 055 323 741
Fax >  +39 055 367 477
Official Website >  www.lega-pro.com 
E-mail Address >

President >  Gabriele Gravina
General Manager >  Renato Cipollini
Media/Press Office >  Gaia Simonetti


Gabriele Gravina


The Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico (Italian Soccer Professional League), formerly denominated Lega Nazionale Semiprofessionisti, was constituted on 01 August 1959. The task of organizing the new body was entrusted to the late Dr. Artemio Franchi, who served as President of the League from 1959 until the 1963/64 season.

There are currently 69 clubs associated with the league (33 in the 1st Division and 36 in the 2nd Division). The clubs participate in the following Lega Pro competitions: 1st and 2nd Division Championship, “Coppa Italia Lega Pro”, “Supercoppa di Lega” for both 1st and 2nd Division,  Play-offs and Play-outs in each division. The league also organises the  “Campionato Nazionale Berretti”, for U-20 teams.

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