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Country >  Poland
Foundation Year >  Founded in 2005    
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  Member League (2007)

Premier Division > LOTTO Ekstraklasa 16 clubs
Super Cup > Polish Super Cup

Phone >  +48 22 531 67 40
Fax >  +48 22 531 67 45
Official Website >  www.ekstraklasa.org
E-mail Address >  info@ekstraklasa.org
President > Dariusz Marzec
Vice President > Marcin Animucki
Chairman of Supervisory Board > Maciej Wandzel
Media/Press Office >  Ms. Karolina Hytrek-Prosiecka

Dariusz Marzec

Dariusz Marzec

Polish Professional Football League Ekstraklasa SA was established in three years and on 18th November 2005 took over management of top-division competitions from The Polish Football Association. “Ekstraklasa” in Polish is common word of football top division, so member clubs decided to give this name to the league and joint-stock company which manages and runs the competitions. Ekstraklasa SA runs top division competitions, named until 30 June 2008 “Orange Ekstraklasa” , League Cup, Super cup and Youth League (“Mloda  Ekstraklasa”). In the league, league cup and youth league participate 16 teams, every seasons two of them are relegated and third plays play-off game with 3rd team from second division.  Mr. Andrzej Rusko is President of the League; seven persons (six from the clubs and one from Polish FA - PZPN) are in supervisory board of Ekstraklasa SA. 

In season 2005/2006 Legia Warsaw became first champion in professional league; next champions were Zaglebie Lubin in 2006/2007 and Wisla Krakow in 2007/2008; Wisla Krakow also was the winner of Youth League, which was established in 2007. In Poland, Professional Football  League is also responsible for first instance disciplinary matters, all Marketing/media/advertising rights; licensing and refereeing matters belong to the Polish FA. Competition Committee (Komisja Ligi) is a judicial body of Ekstraklasa SA, which is acting on a basis of the agreement signed between Polish FA and Ekstraklasa SA. The function of this body is governed by the Polish FA Disciplinary Code and other Polish FA’s and Ekstraklasa SA’ s acts. Competition Committee is first instance body, responsible for all the matters concerning disciplinary matters and eligibility of the players in Ekstraklasa SA’s competitions except the cases referring to the contract disputes between the players, coaches and the clubs. All appeals from the decisions of Competition Committee may be lodged to the Football Federation Tribunal of the Polish FA. The Competition Committee consists of a chairman and six members; all of them must have respective legal qualifications except the official representative of the players’ organization.

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