Super League Greece AEL FC Arena

Greek Super League club, AEL FC (located in the city of Larissa), celebrated with thousands of fans the completion of their new ultra-modern football arena. The opening & test event took place on November 23rd, drawing the attention of the majority of the Greek media, as well as of football fans from all over the country. The President and CEO of the Arena and the Club, Mr. Kostas Piladakis, who personally guaranteed the construction of the 45 million euros cost arena,  presented the AEL FC ARENA in a very emotional ceremony before more than 16.000 spectators. Among them was the President of the Greek Football Federation, Mr. Sofoklis Pilavios.

According to UEFA stadium criteria  AEL FC ARENA is a “category 3” arena, and is regarded to be the most modern football arena in Greece.

With a total capacity of 16.118 seats and 38 luxurious suites of 12 spectators, AEL FC ARENA is constructed on four separate stands, offering high quality services.

The main premises contain 4 highly equipped locker rooms, with inner warm-up rooms for the athletes, multifunctional media center for 100 written press journalists, 3 TV studios, 2 video walls, a VVIP stand of 350 people, a VVIP bar-restaurant, a VIP lounge, a football museum and 32 spots for the disabled.

AEL FC’s new arena affords also pluvial recycling system for the pitch and shortly photovoltaic cells are about to be installed on all over the 4 shelters, thus providing the ability to generate autonomous electrical power. Both characteristics apply to the “green” profile of the arena.

AEL FC ARENA stands as the main facility in CRIMSON PARK, which is a sports and leisure park currently under construction and will also include 12 tennis courts, a fun park and two shopping centres.

AEL FC ARENA is scheduled to host the football tournament of the 2013 Mediterranean Games, as well as the Greek Men’s National Team matches of 2011 onwards. The first official game is scheduled on February 9th against Canada.

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Super League Greece AEL FC Arena

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